2016's array of trophies.


(dog is neither prize nor trophy, but is included to give a sense of scale)


The ACCC minotaur pirate was created for us by RN Estudio.
Copies are hand-numbered from a run of 50 and will (hopefully!) be available for $15 at the event.

  A few copies of the ACCC 2013 bulldog coach, sculpted by Pedro Ramos, will also be available ($10 each).

The following items are gifts to those that attend, and are offered on a first-paid/first served basis.

  • ACCC Map Logo Dice - barely legible, like any good treasure map       
  • ACCC Block Dice, by Q-Workshop and Manticore Designs. They glow in the dark!  *  

  • These wounded warriors from English sculptor Al Scott, just the thing to use as a turn marker, aptohecary, Igor, etc.

  • A hearty lunch provided by the Richmond Area Blood Bowl League.
  • Nametag                                                                                           
    * = Limited supply/ must register by deadline.                      

While a few smaller prizes will be given away with the trophies or for completing special goals during each round of the tournament, the vast majority will be given away in
a series of raffles. Each coach will receive a number of raffle tickets when they register, but more tickets can be bought with donations to the Wounded Warrior Project. 

 All of these items were donated by our generous sponsors. Please check out the "Sponsors" page for links to their sites so that you can give them all your money.
Miniatures are unassembled and unpainted unless otherwise specified.


  • From DOA Painting Studio: A fully-painted Chaos Pact team. (Models by Gaspez Arts, but I paid for them. Just sayin'!)


  • From Impact! Miniatures: A team of dwarves, some cool metal block dice, and some limited-edition models: an orc thrower, Hemlock, a monkey, a master chef.            


  • From Tableros Para Juegos/Star Player Miniatures: A vinyl field and a bunch of rare resin Amazons and ogresses.   

  • From KR Multicase: Five miniature cases of various sizes.

  • From MK1881/RollJordan Miniatures: The World Cup exclusive NAF nun team and some candy coat/glow-in-the-dark block dice.

  • From Sukubus Studios: A mystery box! (The customs form is a bit of a spoiler - it seems there are 3 models inside.)

  • From Feldherr: 3 "Mini Plus" carrying cases and a ton of promotional stuff (pens, pencils, dice bags, shirts, bottle openers).
  • From Willy Miniatures: A full Nurgle team, some secret weapons (the goblins come in resin or metal), a bunch of star players, and 5 sets of block dice.

  • From Baueda: Several blister packs of dark elves from their TrogBall fantasy football line.

  • From Hungry Troll:  A Nurgle coach, Lord Borak, a Nurgle chainsaw wielder, Grashnak, 2 ogres, and a bunch of fun-loving goblins.

  • From Greebo Miniatures: Various singles. We've got some skinks in there, some Norse dudes, some elf ladies, some Japanese skaven, some Japanese goblins, a Rafael, and a couple tournament exclusives. (One was so exclusive I couldn't find a photo of it.)

  • From Deep-Cut Studios: A couple of awesome mousepad-style pitches. Canvas carrying case included!

  • From Sin City Bowl and its organizer Mark Perre: All types of stuff! 4 Sammy Davis Jr. ghouls, 2 Franken Sinatras, 2 Spleen Martins, 4 Chaos cheerleaders, 5 zombie Elvises, 2 sets of Sin City block dice, some Sin City d6s, some resin slot machine turn markers. That's not even a complete list - there are some miscellaneous figures, a Cards Against Humanity set, resin tokens, etc. A very generous guy, that Mark Perre.

  • From the Both Down Podcast: A t-shirt (2XL and not the one pictured), a metal+enamel kickoff coin, tournament dice (again, not the ones pictured - but somewhat close), and customized pens for everyone!

  • From Cancon, Australia's NAF Major: 5 sets of block dice, 5 sets of Cancon lapel pins, a resin dragon marker, and "Ned Killy" from Bushranger Bowl 2014.

  • From the Chaos Cup, the USA's NAF Major: 2 Chaos Cup packs, each containing dice and tokens, within a fancy fabric dice bag. Also 9 Norse figures (2 different sculpts) from Adepticon that are totally awesome but I can't find photo reference for.

  • From DungeonBowl, Europe's NAF Major: A Karl Marx goblin and a packs of reroll/turn markers so rare that I can't find photos of them.

  • From the Spike Magazine Tournament, Canada's NAF Major: 2 referee models (with 2 bribe tokens each!) and 5 sets of Spike 2015 d6s.

  • From The NAFC, England's NAF Major: ???
  • From FF Fields: Two excellent rigid "puzzle piece" pitches - one is modular (with 2 sets of endzones and 1 set of dugouts), the other is for BB Sevens. Also some Dungeon Bowl tiles.

  • From Secret Weapon Miniatures: vouchers for free stuff! (they specialize in bases, pigments and inks).


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